『   A b o u t   T h e   B u s i n e s s   &   F r a n c h i s e  

Hong Kong is one of the world's leading recognized place that serves great food cuisine. It is all the while being called as "A Heaven For Foodies". Rich in its' special cuisine culture, Wong Kok "East meets West" cuisine is definitely the latest food trend of our society.

Your understanding and ability to maximize the opportunity are crucial to us. Capitalizing on our research and years and improving proven recipes and operational systems, we will transfer our knowledge to you through business planning, locations selection, constructions, kitchen operation system, human resource training and retail system. We will also provide ongoing marketing and promotion support that are beneficial to use as a group.

Hong Kong food is now the trend for Malaysian food covers. For investors who are passionate about this business, and keen on making a successful venture based on proven receipes and management know how, we look forward to meet you.

『   F r a n c h i s e   F l o w  

Location Development :

B. Outlet Design & Construction :
  > standard requirements for locality profile
> standard requirements for premise
   structural build up
> rental scale
> performance & cost projections
   locations application flow
  > layout design conceptualization
> construction flow & supervisory control
> purchases (including fittings fixtures,
   equipment utensils, cutleries, etc)
> moving-in set up
> outlet display
C. Outlet Service Flow : D. Outlet Accounting Management
  > beverage counter
> kitchen / food
> cashier counter
  > daily sales collection management
> operating expenses control
> preventive measures against theft
E. Marketing Program Development, F. Outlet Operational Audit
  Implementation and Management    
G. Manpower Recruitment & Training H. Initial Training Program
  > manpower structure
> recruitment flow / channel
> remuneration package
I. Opening Promotion Development and Implementation
『   T h e   E x p e c t e d   F u t u r e   &   P l a n  

Our branches in Malaysia and Singapore are air-conditioned, clean and you will be greeted with a friendly smile and prompt service. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

To maintain high quality control, a central kitchen has been set up in Petaling Jaya. This is to ensure that all main food supply to chain outlets is always being control. On top of that, we will train and motivate a high-performing kitchen and beverage department staffs according to our set training programs.

With its rapidly growing appetite on Hong Kong food market trend, our targeted aim and planning is to expand up to 50 outlets within the whole of Malaysia. Therefore, we would like to invite interested party to join us as part of our franchise family chain outlets. Let's together and make it a great success.